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garciniaaaaHaving a slim body is not only beneficial to your health but to your overall self-esteem and confidence in life. If you’re on the heavy side, there can be several limitations such as not finding the clothes that you want or not getting the attention of the object of your affection. 

If you’re overweight, you know that you must do something today to avoid the negative effects of your weight. You can spend hours and hours at the gym, buy expensive diet supplements that promise overnight results, or go on a special diet that will completely change the way you eat. Or you could just pop a pill, do the things you’ve always done, and watch your body bust your fat.

THE most popular weight loss product in the market today is garcinia cambogia extract. This extract works in 3 ways to bust your fat: Curbs your hunger, blocks fat from forming, and lowers the need for emotional eating.

Why is it Popular?

Garcinia cambogia extract has been in the western market since 2007. But it was because of Dr. Oz – popular TV show host – that it grew into massive popularity. In one of his shows, he showed the works of Dr. Julie Chen who clinically proved that taking garcinia cambogia extract can significantly cause people to lose pounds even without diet and exercise.

What Makes Garcinia Cambogia Extract so Special?

Garcinia cambogia extract is an all-natural supplement that contains a very special ingredient that has powerful weight loss properties. Garcinia cambogia is actually a fruit found in Southeast Asia and the extract is taken from its rind. In the rind, you can find immense quantities of HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. This acid is the very secret to garcinia cambogia causing people to lose weight when taking the extract every day for a few weeks.

HCA is a powerful antioxidant but has 3 incredible properties that really makes people lose and keep the weight away.



What are the 3 weight loss properties?


1. Curbs your hunger. Natives of the regions where garcinia cambogia is found have been using it as additives to their soups. This prevents them from overeating and cures many digestive problems such as constipation and cramps. When they would travel for long distances, they would eat the fruit to suppress their hunger.

2. Prevents carbs from turning into fat. Instead, carbs are turned into energy, giving you more stamina for exercise- making garcinia cambogia extract even more effective.

3. Makes you feel happy and rested. HCA boosts serotonin in your brain – decreasing your need for emotional eating.

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